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My Heart is Full from LYO!!

October 24, 2022

In the past two years, I’ve been pretty inactive in posting something to my blog. I’m not sure why I stopped posting. I thoroughly enjoyed the connection and conversation that resulted in many things I shared. And I used many blog posts to sort through the things that I was wrestling with in my head and heart. One of the excuses I could offer is that the “busyness” of serving in the Office of Bishop sometimes gets in the way of the time it takes to put together a blog post.

Whatever excuse I might use, I’m going give it another try to be more consistent with posting. I won’t promise perfect grammar or sentence structure. I won’t promise deep theological dives into the mysteries of the Christian faith every time.

I will promise to share what’s been on my heart or occupying space in my head.

I will promise to share things that have given me joy as a synod bishop as I travel across this church and witness God working through each one of God’s children in amazing and holy ways.

Let’s start with today’s post.

This past weekend, I was invited to preach for almost 400 middle and high school youth and their adult leaders at the Western North Dakota Synod’s LYO (Lutheran Youth Organization) Gathering. This, without question, was/is one of the most challenging preaching opportunities I am invited into each year.

I LOVE the LYO Gathering. It is so joyful to see youth and adults from across our synod gathered for worship and prayer, learning from each other and singing a little karaoke together, community service experiences and snacks so abundant and sugar-filled it makes ones head spin and stomach ache.

And…this weekend event reminded me of why I continue to dislike one of the great clichés of the Christian movement! We’ve all heard it before. It goes something like this…

“We need to support the youth of our church because they are the future of the church.”

I cringe whenever I hear that cliché.

I believe deeply that the youth in our local congregations are not the future of the church, they are part of the church…TODAY! Right here. Right now. Attending the LYO Gathering this weekend gave me, and the entire church, a chance to witness firsthand just how true that is. The church is blessed abundantly because our youth are participating in the work God is doing through the church today!

What do you think?

Are our youth the future of the church?

Or are they already part of the work God is doing through the church here and now?

I invite you to take a few seconds and share a comment about how you are seeing the youth of your congregation blessing God’s work in the world today.

Until next time, may God’s peace be with you always and in all ways…

Bishop Craig


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