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Basic Needs For Every Child of God – El Salvador 2014

_DSC1085This post is being submitted by team member Mark “Marco” Kamphius.

My personal reflection relates to the culture that separates us and unites us – between our country and the country of El Salvador. There are many differences and diversities between us, but many that are the same.

The scripture reading of the Good Samaritan (Luke 20:39-37) was our devotional topic on Wednesday evening. We reflected upon how we as Americans can be Good Samaritans to our neighbors in El Salvador.

As I study and experience the differences I realize there are many similarities. We grow from the grace bestowed onto us as Christians. The need to love and show compassion. These are basic needs that are shared by the two cultures. My desire here and at home is to show more compassion, love and amazing grace. Simply less material needs and wants and more love.

Thank you, mucho gracias Lord Jesus!



Discovering Family Far From Home

This post has been submitted by team member Kara Burrer.

Today we painted the primer on the outside of the house at the second worksite. It’s been my favorite job so far! A little girl named Sophia who is the niece of the people we are building the house for lives next door. She played with me by singing the riddles that you do with another person with your hands. I think we did that for a good 15 minutes. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes not knowing what they say but it’s awesome to see how you can really interact.

This afternoon we had our culture activity. We made puppy chow for the Cristo Rey Church. They loved it! We played tag and hide and seek with some kids. All the kids had a blast with the piñata and balloons. I also got to hold the cutest baby girl! Her mom looked to be about only sixteen years old. It’s amazing how fast the kids become attached to you and how fast you adore them. You leave feeling like you are family.

This has been my first experience on an international mission trip. It has certainly opened my eyes. It’s made me realize how blessed I really am!