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“Day Two” 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering

Day Two Highlights • 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering

 –        St. Louis to Memphis to Jackson to New Orleans – almost all of it in the dark.

–        Great day at Six Flags Over St. Louis yesterday!

–        Brunch at iHop – a New Orleans original.

–        Swamp Tour in Slidell, Louisiana with Brutus – our new alligator friend

–        Training for Mike, Kjersti, and Pastor Craig at the New Orleans Convention Center

–        Registration done, let the gathering begin!

–        Supper at Emeril’s New Orleans – Emeril Lagasse’s original restaurant – one word “AMAZING!”

–        First “official” team meeting in Mike’s room to set the stage for the beginning of the gathering tomorrow afternoon.

–        We sleep in on Wednesday and head to the zoo and aquarium about 10:00 a.m.

–        Good night y’all!

Click here for a short video hightlight of our day –



“Day One” 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering

Day One Highlights • 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering

 –        Buses loaded on time!! Prayer and blessings offered

–        Off we go…like a…

–        Stop in Fargo for supper (McDonalds, Wendys, or Subway) and to pick up one more student from Trinity in Bismarck.

–        Evening stop for a bedtime snack at a truck stop somewhere in South Dakota.

–        Attempt made multiple times with great effort to sleep on the bus. Some succeed. Some do not.

–        Breakfast in Columbia, Missouri (McDonald’s).

–        Spent the day at Six Flags St. Louis. Feels like temperature average near 100 degrees which allowed for many trips down waterslides and hanging out in the wave pool.

–        Batman, The Boss, and Ninja rollercoaster conquered by nearly everyone on the trip.

–        Maddy Lund & Mike Jacobson like Iced Animal cookies.

–        The St. Louis Arch looks pretty at night.

–        Next stop, Swamp Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana!

–        Keep Pastor Joel Samuelson from House of Prayer in prayer. He was admitted to a hospital early this morning in St. Louis. He hadn’t been feeling well for a few days and continued to get worse. We offer prayer that he is feeling well and on his way home soon.

Check out a little video highlight of the day by clicking here – http://youtu.be/Vk4QtP4ZSl8