Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Making Progress in El Salvador

[NOTE: Today’s posted is offered by team members Bonita Johnson and Jenn Cords from Minneapolis, MN]

Theme of the day: PROGRESS
Driving to the site today, we thought we were going to arrive to our site and be painting most of the day. We thought, wow… we have more energy than we thought, so why waste that on painting?

The good news, was that we didn’t paint at all and got to use our energy using the shovels and wheelbarrows and TAMPING. We are making progress though!

We are amazed at our Masons. They are hard working and organized, and even with the language barrier, they are able to communicate our projects. We understand quickly, “muy bien!” & “no mas!”

Today we were joined by volunteers from Cristo Rey Church. It is fun to see their passion for serving others and their commitment to building these homes as if they were their own. In fact, we all feel a sense of pride and committment in the work we are doing.

We have really bonded with the children from the neighborhood. We both look forward to seeing each other. The kids welcome us with BIG hugs and smiles. They are fascinated when we take pictures with our phones so they can see themselves. Today we had lots of fun activities for the kids to participate in, including: making paper airplanes and butterflies, polishing their fingernails, and lots of reading and coloring.

Tonight we dined on local cusine – papusas. Pastor Vilma from Sao Paulo Luther Church (Cristo Rey’s sister congregation) joined us (with pretty awesome shoes on!) It was fun to experience more of the culture.

It is 100 degrees colder back home than in El Salvador right now.

Quotes of the day:
“So we take this shit pile and put it on that shit pile?” – random team member that shall remain anonymous.
“Me llamo Marijuana” – Mary Jane introducing herself to the church natives

Work gloves (the Salvadorans don’t use them), friendships, learning more Spanish, a sense of community, showers (not always warm or with a lot of water), the SUPER SELECTO (grocery store), and our amazing TEAM!

Our brothers and sisters in El Salvador that may not have the hope of sufficient housing…. YET. 🙂

The theme of the week continues to be dirt.

Carlos Avalos, Church Relations Director for Habitat for Humanity in El Salvador.

Bonita’s Beauty Salon was open for business this morning at one of our worksites. She attracted a lot of children from the neighborhood. 🙂